Must win bid, pitch, tender, presentation?

My 12 years + global experience working to win some of the world’s largest energy projects provides me with the knowledge, skills and experience to help you win your major piece of business.

With an 80%+ success rate, I know what needs to be done to give you the best chance of winning. Tried, tested and proven!



BD/Sales Processes, Structure & Tools

How do I know what they are doing?

What gets measured, gets done! What you can measure, you can manage! That’s how you know what they are doing.

Working proactively and in a structured way employing world’s best practice processes, structures and tools which deliver results. Tried, tested and proven!



Sales Training

Can they do it?

Knowledge + Skills + Attitude are the pre-requisites for success in sales/business development. High level selling skills, presentation skills and negotiation skills underpinned by the right processes and structures, provide the right basis for success.

With over 2500 successful workshops completed in over 32 countries in the past 30 years, I provide an experienced solution tailored to your needs. Tried, tested and proven!



Contact Ken Davis

In my 35+ years working with companies and individuals to improve their bottom lines I have learned what it takes to be successful. This is what I can share with you.

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